Total Development Solutions


From land development, to asset management (Integrity Hospitality Management, LLC, ADG is comprised of the same brick-and-mortar values we believe Saint Augustine was built upon. Our development projects are all established with a ‘local experience¬∑ in mind. It’s why other cities have picked up on our success and generated a demand for what we do. At ADG, we hone in on niche markets, find what it is they need and develop a product around those demands and, we don’t stop there.

ADG is also affiliated with Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings, LLC. Pilgrim Pipeline has a project management team with extensive experience in pipeline development, permitting, community engagement, regulatory compliance, construction management and maintenance as well as a long history of working with industry-leading experts to assist in bringing best-in-class infrastructure projects to fruition.

The Northeast region of the United States remains one of the only major population areas in the country not served by a direct pipeline connection for delivery of refined products from refining centers to consumers, including gasoline and home heating oil. As a result, the region relies largely on river barges, leaving it susceptible to severe weather events such as Hurricane Sandy. This combination can lead to major shortages of critical fuels – just when they are needed most – creating service disruptions and price spikes that adversely impact consumers and businesses.

Furthermore, ideal investment vehicles come into play and equity funds for ADG through Axis Equity Fund; a proprietary private equity firm is where this happens. Grow your portfolio … grow your wealth, with Axis.